Nina McClendon Cycle of Love Now we NO

Nina McClendon Cycle of Love founder & Cherish distributor

Nina McClendon is a lifelong advocate for women's physical and mental health. After years of struggling with a painful menstrual cycle and a subsequent uterine cancer diagnosis in her late twenties, Nina made it her mission to help educate young women and girls on healthier alternatives such as Cherish Pads. She is aligned with the Nspire Network through its Now We No Movement, which provides products that promote natural, healthy alternatives. In her advocacy efforts, Nina is always searching to partner with like-minded individuals to promote the Movement to everyone they can reach.

A wife, daughter and IT professional, Nina is passionate about helping transform women's lives, one woman at a time. In the little spare time she has left, Nina is an avid reader, made-from-scratch baker and world traveler.

Join "Team Love"  as we grow in the Now we NO movement.