Cherish for Women


All of our thin pads are engineered for maximum protection and has the same legendary absorption that keeps you feeling amazingly light and comfortable. The smooth, soft cotton outer layer embraces your skin giving you unparalleled relaxation.

The unique negative ion strip may help to reduce pain and inflammation and may help to eliminate unwanted odors. Its designed has been engineered for hours of pleasant and satisfying comfort, allowing you to enjoy a "worry free" peaceful night on the town or relaxing at home.


Supplements for Men


Cycle of Love is not just about women's health issues. It's about ultimate healthy lifestyle. 

The mission of our Right to Fight Campaign is to potentially prevent prostate cancer in 1,000,000 men through education via seminars, health fairs, webinars and conference calls. Our campaign allows us to do more than just educate men and women about this silent killer. We have a "Right to Fight" using Nspire’s MaxLife Prostate Care Plus to fight back with! Check out our additional supplements for men!


Supplements for Couples


Sweetest for Her Female Sexual Energy is one of the first formulas for women suffering from sexual dysfunction and is formulated to help women get back on track with their sexual health.





My best friend is extremely allergic to pads. She discovered that she had become allergic after her second baby. She has tried everything, but even the organic pads caused a terrible reaction. She just had her 4th baby and of course, was dreading after because she is out of options as to what she can use. I sent her a couple of Cherish pads to try out and she was completely WOWED! She did NOT have any reaction!

She is so happy that finally there is a safe product that she can use, that she is not allergic to and that keeps her comfortable and dry for so long! She said she believes in this product and will be a customer for life!!

Kristi- Rex, GA